Don't just take our word for it.


  • Frank Preston

    "In the month of May I was looking through zBuyer and started to call the older 6+ month leads. Within a few calls I had an appointment with a home owner and listed the home at a good market price. Within 9 days the offer was accepted! I know there are countless leads within the zBuyer database that can create a substantial income stream. The cost to have the privilege to access this database is miniscule compared to the income and profit margin that can be realized."

  • Brian Lucy


    "I wanted to let you know that I am completely THRILLED with zBuyer. I have gotten so many leads that I have been able to go on more appointments in the last 3 weeks since signing up than I have in the last 6 months combined. So a big THANK YOU for the service."

  • Julia M. Bellucci


    "zBuyer is honestly fantastic! I have only called 6 people so far, and I've spoken with 4 of them. I've already taken one listing, have a new listing appointment tomorrow and another in the pipeline. This is all in the space of one week!"

  • Medy Eballer


    "On my second call I found an investor that bought and closed within a month of contact. The purchase price was $30,000 cash with a 10% commission for me. This investor is a continued client, currently looking for more properties. Thank you for the opportunities zBuyer!"

  • Linda Rademacher

    Real Estate Agent

    "I have been actively working my leads from zBuyer for about 5 months now and have 6 new listings that have been generated by zBuyer. Out of those listings one is already under contract and will be closing later this month! I have found that the leads are legitimate prospective sellers who need my help and most are appreciative of my contact even if they do not want to list with a real estate agent. Thank you zBuyer! I hope to have many more closings in the future!"

  • Dan Lesher


    "As the principal broker of my company, I often look for new tools and systems that my agents can utilize to increase their business. I test the various products for about 6 months before endorsing them to our team. I learned about zBuyer through an ad in Realtor Magazine and thought I would give it a try. In 6 months I was able to list 3 properties, 2 have closed and the 3rd is currently in escrow! I have shared the program with my team and have several agents enjoying the same success I obtained. Great source of valid prospects for the cost!"

  • Kevin Roberts

    "99% of the time I get into things and the vendor under delivers. But this is for real! zBuyer is unbelievable - I already have 2 appointments to buy homes after just 10 minutes of calling. zBuyer has definitely passed the test!"

  • Ernie Genie


    "As a realtor I have spent a lot of money on marketing with no result. I joined zBuyer January 7th and January 9th I got my first listing! That property is now in escrow. One week later I got another listing and now have 3 more sellers in the works. All of this in one month! I just want to say thank you zBuyer for the increase in my business. I am proof this system works!"

  • Adam Shamus


    "Within the first three weeks of having the zBuyer service I called a lead who was looking to sell a 2 family he had owned for 50+ years. The owner was looking for an easy, no fuss and stress deal and I was able to set him up with a developer who paid cash and closed on the sellers terms! The developer has now turned the two units into condos of which I will be listing and selling for him in a few short weeks."

  • Ross Graham


    "I converted a seller lead in November of 2012 in Union City,CA and closed escrow in Dec of 2012 for $446,000 for a total commission of $13,380. I also recently took a listing in Hayward, Ca and have a listing appointment tomorrow for $2,500,000!! Thank you zBuyer!"

  • Beverly Burgess


    "I have to admit I thought it would take longer. So, you can imagine my surprise when I connected with a  seller from zBuyer within the first month of my subscription!  It took a couple of weeks after that to actually get the listing but it couldn't have worked out better!"

  • Theresa Hill


    "It has taken a little while with some leads, with following up via e-mails and calling, but I landed my first listing that I signed up for $599,000 which will result in a commission of $14,975 and the way the market has changed, the house is beautiful and we should sell it right away. Also looking for another seller downsizing from a home of $750,000 to a condo of $400,000. The key is constant follow up. I am very happy with your service."

  • Zack Alawi

    Broker, Realtor

    "I love advertising that pays for itself! zBuyer leads pay for themselves and then some.  Since I've begun subscribing to zBuyer, I've consistently closed at least 2 transactions per month.  The leads for motivated sellers is a consistent and reliable source of new listings for me.  I get excited every time I log into zbuyer because I know I'm on the verge of getting more business.  I highly recommend zBuyer to other brokers, just not the ones in my market."

  • Stephen Wible

    REO/Bank Owner Buyer Specialist

    "Our first 6 weeks as zBuyer members: Week 1-3, on vacation made no calls. Week 4-6, signed up 4 listings between $210,000 and $650,000. Our return should be around $12,000 for a $664 investment."

  • Franklin Preston


    "Early this year I began to call the older leads from the zBuyer database and within 1 hour I got in touch with a seller. I asked him if he would be able to get a good price in today's market would he consider selling now and he said "absolutely". So once again it was a great transaction. For the amount that I invest in zBuyer the profit is immeasurable."

  • Blair Ballin


    "I have been with zbuyer for about 5 months now. It has been awesome for me. I have closed escrow on 2 homes (both not distressed). I currently have 3 properties listed, was working with 1 buyer before she was relocated, and have 2 appointments in the next week. I have been licensed for 14 years and outside of REO have never seen a greater ROI for a lead source. I am looking forward to more closings soon."

  • Martha Rasche


    "I want you to know how pleased I have been with your service, zBuyer. In fact so pleased that I've just recently increased the number of leads I'm accepting from you. Immediately after joining up I listed two houses, both of which sold quickly, and they were not short sales or distressed properties. I've since listed a couple in that category to get my feet wet in that area and that was my choice. The leads you send contain a variety of situations and price ranges and most people are receptive to a phone call about their property. I enjoy my working relationship with you. zBuyer is a big asset to my business. Thanks for a reliable product that I can trust."

  • Corey Geib


    "I have been getting zBuyer now for a few months. My conversion rate, so far, has been about 1 out of every 5 leads I get, I take a listing. Based on that if I only close half of those, my return on investment should be about 500%. I've also given some to other agents on my team and have received enough referral fees to actually pay for all of the leads."

  • Mike Quall


    "I cannot thank you enough for your leads. As a REALTOR® I have over $125,000 of business on the books and closed $80,000 so far this year (in just 5 months) with more on the way. This system is hands off. As an investor and an agent my whole business is based on finding motivated sellers. I used to door knock, lick and stick envelopes, cold call, etc. Sounds like fun right? With zBuyer I just sit back and wait for motivated sellers to fill out the online submission form and wait for it to hit my email account. They expect my call. I give them honest answers and they give me their business. If they want to sell at a discount-great...if they want more money, I show them how I can get them top dollar as an agent. As a business person the return on my invested time, money and energy is HUGE. Well worth it. I am so busy now I need to hire an assistant."

  • James & Barbara Peterson


    "zBuyer is amazing! The phone numbers and emails are accurate and the contacts are very receptive. zBuyer has resulted in a steady flow of listings that have contributed to over 30% of our commission income. The site is very user-friendly - it allows for notes that are automatically updated and it emails new contacts. You cannot find a better cost return per lead than zBuyer."

  • Robert Molett


    "Over the years I have used numerous marketing tools to obtain listings, zBuyer has proven to be the best so far. This year to date I have obtained 14 listings and last year I had 17. Thanks zBuyer!"

  • Paula Chambers

    Broker, CRS, GRI, SRES

    "The very first seller I called from the zBuyer leads turned into a listing in my primary market area for $769,000. We had an offer within a day, and the sale closed at $780,000! It was a wonderful experience, and I enjoyed working with the family. Thanks zBuyer!"

  • Jim Wright


    "I have begun using zBuyer and I am very impressed. I have not seen a better lead generation and contact management system ever."

  • Jacobe Kendrick

    Real Estate Agent

    "I wanted to let you know that I got a property under contract off of one of your leads. I called the individual immediately after I got the notification on my phone and I immediately started to build a relationship with the individual. It took about 2 weeks, but I took a look at their house last weekend and we are now moving forward to close. Thanks for the help and the service. I know there will be more from your leads in the future. Thank you."

  • Rich Perrin

    Real Estate Agent

    "In the past 3 weeks after signing up, I have called almost 200 leads that were in the system and have gone on 3 listing appointments and have scheduled 2 others. I will be signing up 2 of the listings this week from the previous 3 appointments and expect at least 1 of the 2 I have coming up. Along with these good successes, I have another 15 leads that I will be following up with for future business. I've tried many lead generation websites and have never had anywhere near the amount of success as zBuyer. It's a fabulous source of business for the money."

  • Mike Safiedine


    "Using your product for the past 60 days has transformed my business. Good seller leads are very hard to come by in my market place, as I'm sure in most other markets as well. There is an inventory shortage and working with motivated sellers is a dream come true. Thanks again for business!"

  • Aaron Parkey


    "In my first week I set 8 listing appointments. Two were from new leads and six were from the aged data. So far I have four signed listings with two more on the way from those appointments! I have another 200 aged leads to call in my county! The data is accurate and my contact ratio is unbelievable! I have been dealing with internet leads for ten years in mortgages and loss mitigation and the contact ratio and interest in talking about what I have to offer are the best I have ever seen! I would recommend you to any agent I talk to...from another county!"

  • Kevin Meine


    "We started using zBuyer several years ago when we started our real estate business. The leads we get from zBuyer have allowed us to diversify our revenue streams and grow our customer base. The online tools are easy to use and intuitive, and help us manage the lead base. zBuyer has helped us to be successful."

  • John Rainville

    "I have been using zBuyer and have had great success with the leads. It is all about the ROI and zBuyer meets our needs. In fact, since joining zBuyer I have added more areas to my subscription."

  • Nicole Yoder


    "The Yoder-Barnhart Team received leads immediately after singing up and from those leads we had a listing appointment and a listing within the first 3 days!"

  • Lamar Wheeler


    "zBuyer is a proven source of qualified leads. A member of my team was sharing zBuyer leads with me. As I got them sold I would share a referral fee with her. I asked myself "why not get your own zBuyer account?" As one who has used many lead generators, zBuyer is the best."

  • Marietta Taylor

    "I just wanted to let you know about my experience with ZBuyer. It's working well. But, it's been a rough start. Went to one listing appt and the guy wanted to take a couple of days to think over his price. He still hasn't listed and its been weeks now. I still keep in touch with him. Then, I listed a house and the next day the owner decided she loved her house and didn't want to sell it. I went on another appt and that person wants to wait until school recesses for the summer. And I have a few others I've spoken to on the phone who have asked me to contact them next month. A couple of days ago, I got an $850,000 listing! Woo Hoo! This makes up for the 2 unsuccessful listings. I've got 3 more appointments scheduled. So, hopefully those sellers list as well. I'll keep plugging away. Just wanted you to know that so far, I like Zbuyer!"

  • Tom Rollett


    "For over three years I have been a subscriber to zBuyer. zBuyer has consistently been my number one supplier of high quality Buyer and Seller leads in my area. This year, in 2015 since the beginning of the year zBuyer has provided me with three leads that resulted in $2.6M in sales. Two sellers and one Buyer. Additionally, I am in contact with several other leads that probably will result in additional business this year. Thank you zBuyer and keep up the good work!"

  • Robert Darell Molett


    "Thank you zBuyer for providing quality seller leads. I just landed a $3,000,000 listing in a high-end beach community in So. California. Keep the quality leads coming."

  • Lisa Donati


    "zBuyer is a good system to get listings, if you work them consistently just like any business you want to succeed in it pays off. It's a numbers game, but in time they become real solid leads. I've been with zBuyer for almost 2 years and last year I got 3 listings which I doubled ended on one and closed out several buyers. In just this year 2015, I have several listings in escrow on and 5 very qualified buyers actively looking. I highly recommend zBuyer as your marketing source, and most of all it's the most inexpensive affordable lead company thus far. The customer service is fantastic and will help when you need them."

  • Vanessa Peterson

    "I can honestly say that the leads that I have received from zBuyer have been good leads. I've tried other lead programs like Trulia and Zillow never got anywhere with them. They just took my hard earned money, with no return. I look forward to doing continued business with zBuyer, and thank you for all your great leads!"

  • Noreen O'Connell

    "I am very pleased with zBuyer. The leads are fantastic with accurate contact information and responsive customers. I've listed one property and am representing them (seller) with a builder on new construction. Thank you zBuyer. Keep those wonderful leads coming."

  • Shelly Gruber

    "zBuyer is the best lead service I have ever used. I won a contest for the most listings and the prize was an IPad. The buyers and sellers are ready to buy and sell. The information is accurate. I am on target for my best year yet."

  • Neil Tevez

    "zBuyer delivered as promised. Sellers with real phone number. The is rest is up to me but with all the tools provided regarding sales and presenting how can you go wrong. 10 days in and one listing. What more can you ask for."

  • Norman Seymore

    "Hello all, my name is Norman Seymore and I am a very blessed Realtor here in Houston Tx. The purpose of this article is for me to express my absolute gratitude to zbuyer. I have been a Realtor for a good number of years and I have to admit that the journey has not been all roses. I have spent countless hours chasing down leads as far as 3hrs away from my home. At the very worst of all this I had to get a second job just to be able to afford the costs of buying leads. I have used a number of lead sources to include Trulia, Zillow, Zurple, homes.com, etc. I spoke with Eva from zBuyer and she truly understood my problem. After two hours of allowing me to digress, we finally came to an agreement. My first lead on the same day was for a 980k home 20mins away from where I lived. My wife and I were living in here parents home in the same room she grew up in. If you are reading this then you can also see me standing in front of our new home. We were blessed with our home the same year after starting with zBuyer. All I wanted was a chance and zBuyer gave me that chance. Don't wait!"

  • Angel Rodriguez

    "Working with zbuyer.com has been extremely beneficial to my business. Their marketing strategy has helped generate a large volume of leads and has opened many doors to assist in growing my client database. I have been able to convert several of their leads into listings in less than 30 days. I am very pleased with the service provided and the outcome of my ROI. I will continue to use this lead generation platform to further increase my revenue streams."

  • Debra Mitchell-Adams

    "The first week that I started with zBuyer I got 4 listing appointments! I got all 4 listings (they were all legitimate sellers) and recently converted one of those appointments into a closing. Two weeks ago I converted another zBuyer lead into a $575,000 listing!"

  • Howell Russ

    Realtor, MBA, PMP, PSA

    "I joined zBuyer last night, started dialing this morning at 8am EST, and already have booked 2 appointments using Jason's scripts."

  • Nancy Paradiso

    "We have had a good experience with zBuyer. We've only been associated with the company for a few weeks and we have been on several listing appointments and have several more scheduled. We anticipate that we will get a listing from one of our appointments. In addition, many people that we contact do respond and we have a solid pipeline for future business. Most of all the people from zBuyer have been responsive and a pleasure to work with."

  • Ryan Pickard

    Just wanted to let you know that I got my first zBuyer lead. Our average price point is 135k. The lead was for a home worth 250k. If the price is right they'll sell to move to a ranch on the water. 1 for 1 listing appointment so far! If this is any indication of what the leads are like so far, this might be a game changer!


  • Bradley Jones

    "zBuyer is awesome! I was able to find an under-market wholesale deal in less than a month. It was a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 2 story property with a pool that set on 2 acres. The owners wanted $187,000, but later sold for $172,000 when the property was worth $330,000 ARV with about $30,000 in updates and repairs needed. They lived out of state, tried selling it for years to retail buyers with no luck, and wanted to be done with it. It even came with longtime tenants that were updating the property on their own. Great deal! I was able to sell it quickly within the month for $195,000 as-is and net $23,000. Their leads are exactly what you would get if you did a decent-sized direct mail campaign of 1,000+ postcard mailers to absentee owners or probates for much less than half the cost. zBuyer’s worth a repeat experience in my book!"

  • Vance Wampler


    "After being a zBuyer member for a little over a month, I had my first deal! It was my second investment property, the seller inherited the house and wanted to close quickly. The house had been completely remodeled and fixed structurally. I purchased the house for $80,000, spent $500 on rehab, and sold for $110,000! This project will profit around $25,000 after transaction fees! I currently have 4 deals pending in my pipeline. Just wanted to give a big thank you to zBuyer for the hard work and marketing to help me with my real estate endeavors. Looking forward to doing more business in the near future!"

  • Darren Dicke


    "I wanted to thank you for making a valuable lead service like zBuyer.com available to the real estate investor community. Over the last 5 years I've purchased a handful of houses through motivated seller leads on zBuyer which resulted in thousands of dollars of profit each.  Keep up the good work and thanks again!"

  • Diana Bennett


    "The very first day of being a zBuyer member, I purchased a property and sold it within a week. In my first month I have obtained three investment properties which equals out to one a week.  zBuyer is a great investment for anyone in real estate!"

  • Dan Ambrose


    "I am always searching for new lead sources and you provide them daily. Just this week I wrote a contract on a property and look to flip it for a $10,000 profit. Thank you zBuyer!"

  • Jose W.


    "Just wanted to let you know that your marketing system has really worked out for me. I am a real estate investor and I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have my company in Columbus, Ohio which is where I am from. On July 10th I received my leads from you and to make a long testimony short, on July 28th I closed on my first lead with you and the buyer and the seller came from your leads. I was just the LINK. $10,000 was not bad for a $49 investment and 25 leads later. Of course I will be with your company for a long time. By the way, I will close on my second deal next week. I realize "MARKETING" is everything. Thanks again!"

  • Chris Johnson

    "I just wanted to tell you zBuyer leads are very quality leads. I have made $17,000 off of 2 leads that I received from your company. 1 of the leads was nearly 4 months old. It was an inherited house. I would have made $5,000 more but I had the square footage wrong. The other lead was priceless. I made $14,000 off of this lead. Priceless because it was a good friend of mine that was my mentor in life that passed away a year ago. His son put his house on zBuyer and when I opened the lead up I was overwhelmed with emotion. Because I had sat in that house many times. It sat there for over a year waiting for me. Walking through the house brought back good memories and I also found some of my stuff he had kept. I wholesaled the house in 2 days. I recommend zBuyer to everybody who wants to move to a higher level. I really like the text feature that tells me when a property comes available in my area. That was only about 15 leads so far, but have some more in the works."

  • Randie J. Bowling

    "I purchased two homes this month from your leads with over $100,000 in real equity."

  • Alex Pardo


    "How can I thank you for providing us with automated motivated seller leads that has allowed us to wholesale more than 10 properties with a combined profit of more than $100,000 in the last year! This is by far the best marketing tool I have for generating systematized leads that produce consistent results on a monthly basis. We receive so many leads every month that it allows us to pick only the best deals and outsource the others to realtors, brokers, and other investors. Thank you once again for putting my marketing on autopilot!"

  • Phil Pustejovsky


    "zBuyer.com consistently provides extremely profitable leads to my students and I. Plus, it's completely automated and very easy to use. In fact, I make it mandatory for anyone that I agree to personally train that they subscribe to this service; it's that powerful. Thanks so much ya'll for this incredible service and keep up the good work!"

  • Stephen Wible


    "Last quarter I purchased 4 properties that came to me directly from your site. I sold each of these properties WHOLESALE and made a combined profit of $118,000.00!"

  • Nicolas Pretelt

    Real Estate Investor

    "Following the advice of my coach Tim Taylor, I subscribed to zBuyer. Two weeks after joining I came across a winning lead. As soon as I saw the property details I called the seller and set up an appointment. After a few months of working on the property I was able to get my first wholesale deal for $4,600! Thanks a lot!"

  • Douglas Carver

    Real Estate Investor

    "As an active real estate investor for over 9 years, I have attempted many different types of marketing campaigns from direct mail to broadcast TV. The goal is always to have a consistent and steady stream of quality home seller leads. If I don’t have leads, I don’t have a business. Having used zBuyer for over 6 years, I can honestly say that no other marketing service or marketing campaign has been as consistent and cost effective in generating quality leads and ultimately profits for my business. Bottom line, zBuyer has made me well over $75,000 in profits in just last 12 months with two more currently in escrow. Thanks zBuyer for making my marketing easy."

  • Evans Ojwang

    Real Estate Investor

    "I really appreciate zBuyer and their service. At first I didn't know how to use it but once I got it down and worked their service with my system, it produced results. I was able to find a seller from zBuyer that needed to sell their home but had little equity. I was able to structure a deal where all parties involved were happy at closing! Thanks!"

  • Tim Hiatt

    Real Estate Investor

    "Within the first 2 weeks of using zBuyer I found a really good lead for a motivated seller. I negotiated the deal and locked it up under contract. It took a little longer than anticipated to close, but it finally happened. I made an easy $6,000 profit. There are so many leads to go through, I'm working on some other motivated sellers now from zBuyer leads. This is a really great program. I recently added another county onto my account because I have lots of buyers looking for homes there. So now I use zBuyer to find sellers in that area. I highly recommend zBuyer to any real estate investor."

  • David Nelson

    "I recently joined back up after 8 years. (start 2005- end 2007) I got out of the game, once the economy took a dive and focused on other things. When I first joined, they were only offering seller leads, and now they have added prospective buyers. After several conversations with Eva, I've decided to give it another go. I signed back up last month Nov. 2014 and within my first few calls to sellers I've gotten 4 accepted offers, and assisting a buyer with damaged credit in purchasing their 1st home. I'm putting a POA together, to allow me to be more efficient and close more deals. I am so grateful on Eva, insisting I give them another try. Probably the quickest and easiest listing I have taken in quite some time."

  • Terance Lewis

    "I started 3 months ago and have had 12 hot leads and 3 deals close. If you know anything about investing or business, that's a great ROI. I really feel like I could have done more deals but I am a one man show and was to busy working on the deals zBuyer provided for me. I had a hard time at first and the team at zBuyer really helped me out, Giving me all the support I needed. Thanks zBuyer!!"

  • Than Merrill

    Real Estate Investor & Educator

    "I can't thank you enough for the leads you have been generating. Over the years we have bought and sold quite a few properties from the leads you generated online. There is nothing better than having a completely hands off lead generation resource for finding sellers and buyers. I have dealt with a lot of companies in the past and I can tell you zBuyer.com is the best when it comes to driving high quality internet leads to your inbox!"

  • Kenny Richardson


    "We contacted a seller in Mansfield, Texas. The seller settled on a 25% discount off of the retail value of the property with minimal repairs, all cash. Retail value was $165-170K and we purchased it for $125K. Thanks again for an amazing lead."

  • Ike Sterling

    "The day after I purchased the zBuyer membership, I started scouting the website for leads on motivated sellers. I made contact with one the next day!!! Initially, the sellers did not want to budge on their selling price. I advised them if they needed my services, they could call me anytime. Within 10 days, the sellers contacted me. We worked out a deal for them and now are under contact!! Even now, I'm working on another, with one more potential!! This was one of the best investments we could have used to boost our real estate investing business. Thanks, zBuyer!! You have been a blessing for all of us."

  • Michael Reilly

    "New leads delivered straight to your phone and team everyday, Yes Please! First month of subscription we got a deal done off the site! Very happy customer and will continue to be."


  • David Brown


    "As investors we used to spend $500 to $1000 per month in direct mail for a measly 1-2% response rate.  However, with zBuyer we get 30-60 leads per month of folks who have raised their hand stating they want to sell.  Not only have we wholesaled a number of deals but we also take a lot of listings on a regular basis with these leads.  Recently, we just took a $2,300,000 dollar listing that when it closes will net our company roughly $50,000.  Pretty good ROI if you ask me.  Thanks zBuyer!"

    Kenny Richardson

    "zBuyer has provided me with a substantial amount of leverage in my current market. The leads are accurate, detailed, and consistent. This has led to multiple proposals on a biweekly basis."

    Jason DeLong


    "I am always searching for new lead sources as an investor and real estate agent. These leads are great in that the people are expecting the call and are more open with their situation. The first month that I started using the leads, I bought a rehab that was a 'cherry' deal and profited $30,000 in 3 months. Also got a short sale listing the 2nd month that I brought the buyer to and hope to close in the next 30-45 days. The market is great in the Kansas City area right not and these leads have just added another avenue to my marketing. Thanks zBuyer!"

    Stephen Wible


    "...I am currently in the top 5 for transactions (over 100 transactions) and the top 35 for commissions (over $475,000) in the state of New Jersey! Keep in mind I started with minimal listing experience and only use these leads to generate listings."

    Roland Corral


    "I wanted to reach out and tell zBuyer and other agents how well zBuyer has worked for me. Immediately I started getting leads, but the leads do not work themselves! I started calling and following up and sure enough, I've closed transactions with zBuyer leads. As a matter of fact, I just received a commission check of over $5,000. That will pay for zBuyer for a long time! So zBuyer can count on this REALTOR to be a long time client!"

    Eric Kittrell


    "I just wanted to say that I have used zBuyer.com for a little more than a year. Within the first month I captured a listing. Because of unusual circumstances, I did not sell that particular home. I did pick up another $320,000 listing from an open house on the lead though. Sold that home and represented the seller on the purchase of their new home of $235,000. I earned over $16,000 in commissions between the 2 transactions. Not only have I profited on the commission side, but I am also an investor and in the first 6 months alone of 2014 have profited over $50,000 in renovation flips. I also put an easy $7,500 in one of my investors pocket just for funding a deal. Needless to say, every time I speak with him he wants to know if I have any more deals for him. By using the approach that you guys recommend, I have enjoyed tremendous success and fully expect zBuyer alone will bring in 6 figures in 2014 for me."

    Elena Price

    "I received a lead on November 9th and listed the property in Kennewick, WA on November 12th. It went under contract within 3 weeks of listing it. The property closed yesterday and both parties are thrilled. Thanks again zBuyer and I am looking forward to more leads in the future."

    Andrea & John Summers

    "I am an investor, I buy houses that are in distressed. I was able to buy two properties from zBuyer. Yes I would recommended this service. My wife has been able to list properties as well, and she is a Realtor."

    Ashley Dirks


    As a real estate agent / lender team, my husband and I have been monthly subscribers of zBuyer since mid-2014. Out of any paid lead service we've utilized over the years; the quality of zBuyer (buyer & seller) leads consistently surpass any other. With countless clients & referrals gained from the service; zBuyer continues to pay for itself many times over. My husband & I have even successfully fix & flipped a property acquired from a zBuyer lead. We LOVE zBuyer!!