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  • James & Barbara Peterson


    "zBuyer is amazing! The phone numbers and emails are accurate and the contacts are very receptive. zBuyer has resulted in a steady flow of listings that have contributed to over 30% of our commission income. The site is very user-friendly - it allows for notes that are automatically updated and it emails new contacts. You cannot find a better cost return per lead than zBuyer."

  • Jacobe Kendrick

    Real Estate Agent

    "I wanted to let you know that I got a property under contract off of one of your leads. I called the individual immediately after I got the notification on my phone and I immediately started to build a relationship with the individual. It took about 2 weeks, but I took a look at their house last weekend and we are now moving forward to close. Thanks for the help and the service. I know there will be more from your leads in the future. Thank you."

  • John Rainville

    "I have been using zBuyer and have had great success with the leads. It is all about the ROI and zBuyer meets our needs. In fact, since joining zBuyer I have added more areas to my subscription."

  • Lisa Donati


    "zBuyer is a good system to get listings, if you work them consistently just like any business you want to succeed in it pays off. It's a numbers game, but in time they become real solid leads. I've been with zBuyer for almost 2 years and last year I got 3 listings which I doubled ended on one and closed out several buyers. In just this year 2015, I have several listings in escrow on and 5 very qualified buyers actively looking. I highly recommend zBuyer as your marketing source, and most of all it's the most inexpensive affordable lead company thus far. The customer service is fantastic and will help when you need them."

  • Nancy Paradiso

    "We have had a good experience with zBuyer. We've only been associated with the company for a few weeks and we have been on several listing appointments and have several more scheduled. We anticipate that we will get a listing from one of our appointments. In addition, many people that we contact do respond and we have a solid pipeline for future business. Most of all the people from zBuyer have been responsive and a pleasure to work with."

  • Ryan Pickard

    "Just wanted to let you know that I got my first zBuyer lead. Our average price point is 135k. The lead was for a home worth 250k. If the price is right they'll sell to move to a ranch on the water. 1 for 1 listing appointment so far! If this is any indication of what the leads are like so far, this might be a game changer!"

  • Joel Fisher

    "We are customers of zBuyer because they have proven to be an effective company that listens and implements when their clients speak! The older version of zBuyer was not as user-friendly and they asked for feedback from clients and we gave it. They implemented a new and far more accessible and easy to use platform that leaves little room for a lack of results when the right activities are happening from the agent. Through this new system, we saw immediate results and activity within the first two days. Thanks zBuyer!"

  • Marcus Edwards

    Real Estate Consultant

    "The leads are quality leads meaning they are actually looking to sell their homes and not just curious. They are willing to hold conversations with us. We have set quite a few appointments already with these sellers this week."

  • Stephen Marshall

    "When my first zBuyer lead came in, I dropped what I was doing, called them immediately, they answered, and I closed the listing appointment! My script is simple, "I got your request for a cash offer on your property, is it still available?" Of course it is. This seller didn’t really want the investor-special pricing (70% of market value), so I closed that listing by providing value. My team, my better half and me, have used that listing to build a pipeline of sellers and buyers in one of our preferred markets. With zBuyer leads, in three weeks time, I've had listing appointments with motivated sellers and buyers. The appointments motivate and energize my team while building our pipeline and revenue stream. Since this first listing, we've added 6 pocket listings, 2 coming soon and 4 buyers. This is an amazing lead source!"

  • Matthew Hanks

    "I've only been a customer for a month or so... last week we listed our first property thanks to a lead from zBuyer. Today I called and added more leads to my monthly count... It works if you work it!"

  • Ricky Cain

    "Working with zBuyer has been awesome. Their customer service has been excellent, and their leads have been great. We have been able to already see a 4X return on our investment in under a year. Being that real estate is all about follow up, we are confident we will eventually see and 8X to 10X return after another 6 to 12 months!"


  • Vance Wampler


    "After being a zBuyer member for a little over a month, I had my first deal! It was my second investment property, the seller inherited the house and wanted to close quickly. The house had been completely remodeled and fixed structurally. I purchased the house for $80,000, spent $500 on rehab, and sold for $110,000! This project will profit around $25,000 after transaction fees! I currently have 4 deals pending in my pipeline. Just wanted to give a big thank you to zBuyer for the hard work and marketing to help me with my real estate endeavors. Looking forward to doing more business in the near future!"

  • Darren Dicke


    "I wanted to thank you for making a valuable lead service like zBuyer.com available to the real estate investor community. Over the last 5 years I've purchased a handful of houses through motivated seller leads on zBuyer which resulted in thousands of dollars of profit each.  Keep up the good work and thanks again!"

  • Jose W.


    "Just wanted to let you know that your marketing system has really worked out for me. I am a real estate investor and I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have my company in Columbus, Ohio which is where I am from. On July 10th I received my leads from you and to make a long testimony short, on July 28th I closed on my first lead with you and the buyer and the seller came from your leads. I was just the LINK. $10,000 was not bad for a $49 investment and 25 leads later. Of course I will be with your company for a long time. By the way, I will close on my second deal next week. I realize "MARKETING" is everything. Thanks again!"

  • Phil Pustejovsky


    "zBuyer.com consistently provides extremely profitable leads to my students and I. Plus, it's completely automated and very easy to use. In fact, I make it mandatory for anyone that I agree to personally train that they subscribe to this service; it's that powerful. Thanks so much ya'll for this incredible service and keep up the good work!"

  • Douglas Carver

    Real Estate Investor

    "As an active real estate investor for over 9 years, I have attempted many different types of marketing campaigns from direct mail to broadcast TV. The goal is always to have a consistent and steady stream of quality home seller leads. If I don’t have leads, I don’t have a business. Having used zBuyer for over 6 years, I can honestly say that no other marketing service or marketing campaign has been as consistent and cost effective in generating quality leads and ultimately profits for my business. Bottom line, zBuyer has made me well over $75,000 in profits in just last 12 months with two more currently in escrow. Thanks zBuyer for making my marketing easy."

  • David Nelson

    "I recently joined back up after 8 years. (start 2005- end 2007) I got out of the game, once the economy took a dive and focused on other things. When I first joined, they were only offering seller leads, and now they have added prospective buyers. After several conversations with Eva, I've decided to give it another go. I signed back up last month Nov. 2014 and within my first few calls to sellers I've gotten 4 accepted offers, and assisting a buyer with damaged credit in purchasing their 1st home. I'm putting a POA together, to allow me to be more efficient and close more deals. I am so grateful on Eva, insisting I give them another try. Probably the quickest and easiest listing I have taken in quite some time."

  • Than Merrill

    Real Estate Investor & Educator

    "I can't thank you enough for the leads you have been generating. Over the years we have bought and sold quite a few properties from the leads you generated online. There is nothing better than having a completely hands off lead generation resource for finding sellers and buyers. I have dealt with a lot of companies in the past and I can tell you zBuyer.com is the best when it comes to driving high quality internet leads to your inbox!"


  • Roland Corral


    "I wanted to reach out and tell zBuyer and other agents how well zBuyer has worked for me. Immediately I started getting leads, but the leads do not work themselves! I started calling and following up and sure enough, I've closed transactions with zBuyer leads. As a matter of fact, I just received a commission check of over $5,000. That will pay for zBuyer for a long time! So zBuyer can count on this REALTOR to be a long time client!"

    Ashley Dirks


    "As a real estate agent / lender team, my husband and I have been monthly subscribers of zBuyer since mid-2014. Out of any paid lead service we've utilized over the years; the quality of zBuyer (buyer & seller) leads consistently surpass any other. With countless clients & referrals gained from the service; zBuyer continues to pay for itself many times over. My husband & I have even successfully fix & flipped a property acquired from a zBuyer lead. We LOVE zBuyer!!"